Digital Regulators/Indicators

New series of temperature and process regulators (Piccolo series™). Designed to deliver outstanding performance at a fair price; its compact size and extreme ease of use and configuration make it the ideal solution for a wide range of applications. Available dimensions: (48x48 mm, 48x96 mm, 96x96 mm).

Single-loop/multi-loop Regulators/Programmers

Regulators with multi-loop microprocessor completely configurable up to 3 PID control loops, with the following characteristics: high resolution cascade functions graphics display, ratio and override, digital I/O expansion for alarms/events, access to configuration through software tools, internal functions of counter, timer, 16-bit polynomial. Version for carbon potential, autoclave vacuum, climatic chambers, melt pressure, combustion control. RS485-Profibus interface, Ethernet Network

Nanodac Recorder/Controller

Considering its size, the Nanodac recorder/controller offers the maximum in terms of video graphical recording and PID control. It is a compact ¼ DIN panel mount unit, which has 4 universal inputs with high accuracy for data recording and PID control. This secure data recording device with accurate control is enhanced by a full-colour, ¼ VGA display which offers the operator a crystal clear interface on even the smallest of machines.


Videographical and paper recorders

Videographical recorders with colour graphic display type TFT SVGA from 5.5" to 12.1", with the following characteristics: up to 48 universal inputs, 27 relay outputs max, speed of scanning all channels 125 ms, ability to archive data on 3.5" floppy disk or on 260 Mbyte memory card, Ethernet network, RS232 and RS485 interface. Dotting point and continuous pen type chart recorders; paper from 100 mm to 180 mm; universal input 1 to 24 pens; measuring cycles from 5 s to 20 seconds. Relay outputs from 6 to 24.

SCR units

SCR unit for control of resistive and inductive loads; unit for transformer primary control; single-phase, two-phase, three-phase version with or without neutral; control of loads up to 4000 A and 690 V. Models for zero crossing control, or phase control with AC and DC logic input signal, or 4-20 mA 0-l0 V analog signal. Maximum operating temperature alarm.

Calibration systems

The DPI620 series advanced modular calibration and HART communication system uses three basic components to ensure the multifunctionality required to perform those tasks that once required a wide range of different instruments. Measure, generates and simulates mA, mV, V, ohms, frequency, resistance thermometers and thermocouples. Pressure measurement with sensor replacement while using two channels from 25mbar to 1000bar. Measurement and generation of pressure sensor replacement during operation from 25 mbar to 1000 bar. ATEX/IEC approval.

Pressure controllers


 The new generation of high precision pressure controllers. Modularity increases flexibility of use, reducing downtime and investment costs.

Pressure transducers

Piezoresistive pressure transducers for industrial applications with the following characteristics: application range of 0.2 to 1000 bar; 2, 3, 4-wire outputs; transducers for high temperatures up to 300°C; intrinsically safe transmitters; immersion level measurement transmitters and transducers with diameter from 18 mm up to 45 mm with 0-l0 V, 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA outputs; transmitters for food and biotechnology industries

Flow meters

Wide range of flow meters, ultrasonic and vortex jointed Coriolis for stationary and portable measurements, maintenance-free, suitable for the detection of a very wide range of pipe sizes and flow conditions. Our ultrasonic, fixed and portable flow meters offer maximum flexibility and ease of use.

Calibration furnaces

The new family of GE Dry and Liquid furnaces.

High accuracy, excellent stability of the set point and rapid cooling and heating

Temperatures from -35°C to 650°C

Accuracy 0.2°C

Stability 0.05°C

Interchangeable inserts

Easy set-up and use

Dry Block, Liquid and Black Body in one instrument

Pressure Gauges, Thermometers and Pressure Switches

Nuova Fima is the leading Italian manufacturer of pressure gauges, electronic pressure transmitters, fluid separators, thermometers, thermowells for measurement and control of pressure and temperature in industrial processes. The production ensures high quality, meeting the highest standards in terms of precision and safety, in compliance with numerous international certifications. With more than 80 years of history and five subsidiaries worldwide, Nuova Fima has contributed to exportation of "Made in Italy" worldwide from the outset, and contributed substantially to the development of measurement instrumentation.

Portable Gas Detectors

 Ideal for restricted areas, for leak testing on site and for mobile use, Honeywell Analytics and BW Technologies portable gas detectors stand out for their flexibility and quality. A wide variety of single-gas and multi-gas detectors with compact, lightweight design is available, ranging from simple alarm units to advanced instruments that are fully configurable and can be inspected.

Applications include underground halls for public services, boiler rooms, post-fire sites, sewers, industrial plants, industrial hygiene, first responders and remote fleets.

Fixed Gas Detectors


 The toxic or flammable gases that are part of an industrial process or caused by it pose a threat to people, property and productivity. Honeywell Analytics offers a complete line of durable and reliable fixed point gas detectors to be used as a first line of defence against threats linked to harmful gases.

Radio Frequency Level Controls

AMETEK Drexelbrook

On-off and continuous measurements for liquids, slurries, granulars and interfaces

On-off level switches :

• Radio frequency immune from self-calibrating deposits and encrustations.

• Multipoint radio frequency

• Ultrasonic

• Vibrating prongs 

• Float

• On line 

• Conductive

Thermocouples and Resistance Thermometers

 J-K-R-S-B-T-E-N thermocouples. PT100 Ohm 0°C resistance thermometers for applications in all industrial processes from -200° to +1500°C. Versions with type A-B or mignon watertight head and explosion-proof versions in compliance with ATEX regulations or version with cable. Stainless steel, ceramic or special (teflon) sheaths for corrosive environments. Versions with cable or mineral oxide, diameters starting from 0.5 mm. Process connection with threaded or flanged thermowell, 3-piece compression fitting or fixed connection welded on sheath. Eyelet or plate thermocouples for detecting surface temperature. Finned or drilled resistance thermometers for detecting environment temperature. Versions with in-head converter with configurable field scale and linearised 4-20mA output. Compensated cables with PVC sheath, silicone rubber, Teflon and glass fiber with tinned copper shield, section from 0.25 to 1.5 in normal or shielded version. Cables for resistance thermometers. Compensated connectors.

Signal converters


Signal converters, transmitters and signal acquisition and control modules, both analog and digital, near or remote, which are advantageously used by numerous industries for measurement, data acquisition and process control applications. The product range is available for different input types (thermocouples, resistance thermometers, current, voltage, resistance and potentiometer).

Moisture meters

Full range of moisture and temperature meters including portable instruments with display for moisture and temperature and fixed instruments with display and RS232 interface with the following characteristics: moisture range of 0-100% RH, temperature measurement from -50°C to 85°C, probes suitable for measurements in reams of paper and cardboard, probes for measurements at high temperatures, probes for measurements by insertion, calibration devices and saline solutions for verification of probes. Possible applications are on water, fluids, industrial and steam up to 180°C.

Thermal imagers

Thermal imagers

This thermal imager is the ideal instrument for detecting thermal bridges, heat loss, moisture damage, water leaks in pipes, radiator efficiency or also for checking the thermal insulation of roofs or the temperature of water flow and return in installations.


The Testo 870 thermal imager includes professional software, USB cable, power adapter, rechargeable lithium-ion battery and optional soft case with shoulder strap.

  • Sensor 160x120 pixels
  • SuperResolution technology up to 320x240 pixels
  • Thermal sensitivity (NETD) < 100 mKi>
  • Fixed focus lens 34° x 26°
  • Geometric resolution (IFOV) 3.68 mrad
  • Automatic hot/cold spot recognition

Transformer monitoring instruments

Transformer monitoring instruments

The DQ61 and DQ62 devices are temperature controllers, designed in particular for use on electrical machines such as transformers, motors and generators. They can handle up to four Pt100 temperature probes and three stages of alarm. The model is DQ61 is in a container for front panel mounting, with frontal area dimensions of 96x96 mm, depth of 115 mm, while the DQ62 is in a 34 mm wide Omega DIN bar container, 6 modules. A high contrast, self-illuminating OLED graphical display enables simultaneous viewing of the four monitored temperatures and three alarms. A self-diagnostic system continuously monitors the internal status of the inner workings and the status of the probes, reporting any anomalies with the contact of a relay.

Instrumentation accessories

Instrumentation accessories

 Seico distributes an entire range of essential accessories for the installation, maintenance and management of the products that it markets: Ammeters, voltmeters, current transformers and voltage shunts, multimeters, current clamps, infrared thermometers, anemometers, thickness gauges, gas detection sensors, rotating paddle and membrane level controllers.

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